HELLEMA COUNTRY Cookies Coconut chocolate - 12x 175 grams - master carton

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HELLEMA COUNTRY Cookies Coconut Chocolate - 12x 175 grams packs - master carton

About Country cookies

Hellema Country Cookies Coconut Chocolate are delicious crumbly cookies that have a surprising amount of coconut inside and on top. Baked with love and containing only the best ingredients, Crunchy Cookies Coconut are a sensation down to the very last crumb every day. Coconut and cacao make these cookies rich and toothsome, while oats, cashews, and cranberries provide wholesome plant fibre, protein, and antioxidants.

Hellema Crunchy Coconut Cookies are wonderfully tasty and crumbly. A single bite will have your mouth in ecstasy due to an explosion of crunchy crumbs and chunks of coconut. These are a sensation down to the very last crumb every day.


Net weight 2100 g.

Allergy advice

Contains gluten, milk and egg. May contain peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, oat, barley rye and spelt.

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